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The O Ring (#96711-19007), a crucial component in Toyota Autoparts, plays a pivotal role in various systems such as the Drive-Chassis Front Spring & Shock Absorber system, the Drive-Chassis Vane Pump & Reservoir (Power Steering) system, and the Engine-Fuel Intercooler & Sub Radiator system. Acting as a seal, the O Ring (#96711-19007) prevents the escape of fluids and gases under pressure, maintaining system integrity and efficiency. The O Ring (#96711-19007) can deteriorate over time - causing leaks, reduced system performance, and potential damage to other components. To avoid these issues, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is essential; these are designed for perfect compatibility, and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The O Ring (#96711-19007)'s role as an effective seal ensures the optimal performance and safety of the systems in which it operates, making it an indispensable part of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 04166-02010;04166-02020;16442-87101;04166-02050;04166-02070;90080-30011;90562-03136;96710-01007;04166-02030;04166-02060 More
Part Number 96711-19007

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