Starter Assembly

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The Starter Assembly (#28100-36120), a crucial Engine-Fuel part in the Starter system, activates the ignition process in your Toyota vehicle. This essential component engages the engine's flywheel to set the engine in motion. When called into action, the assembly's pinion gear interlocks with the engine's flywheel, turning it and sparking the internal combustion process. As with any component, the Starter Assembly (#28100-36120)'s efficiency decreases over time, and it may fail to engage properly or even break. When this occurs, the vehicle may not start or may function inefficiently. That's why it's essential to replace this part periodically with genuine Toyota parts to maintain vehicle compatibility. Genuine Toyota Starter Assemblies are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A functioning Starter Assembly (#28100-36120) contributes significantly to your Toyota's overall efficiency by ensuring a smooth and reliable ignition process.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 28100-31100;28100-31101;28100-31102
Part Number 28100-36120

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